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Earlier today:

[livejournal.com profile] elettaria: I think that all relationships need a substantial quota of silliness.
[livejournal.com profile] ghost_of_a_flea: Yes, darling, but how many relationships' quotas do we have?
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I have a mini exercise-bike that never really had a comfortable home, as it's rather a small flat and also because it tries to skitter across the floor away from me while I use it. A while ago I had the brainwave of putting it inside the wardrobe, so that I could use it with D's desk chair and so that it would not be able to escape. A few days ago I decided I was up to starting a very cautious exercise regime, and I'm doing the odd minute of exercise biking. D is currently curled up in bed reading, and was rather surprised to see me take his chair, throw open the wardrobe door, and start pedalling away. He leaned across the bed to make sure that he really was seeing what he thought.

D: My darling, where are you going?
Me (because there is no other answer to this): To Narnia!
[One minute later, as I come back to bed]
D: Don't worry, my love, I promise you'll get to Narnia in the end! Just keep on trying! You'll get there!

The little rat also photographed me with his phone, and apparently it just looks like I'm sitting at the cupboard staring inside contemplatively.

We're all mad here

Saturday, 16 December 2006 05:17 pm
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Mishearing of the week: When I was talking about various quack therapies for ME/CFIDS to my mother, she managed to hear Mickel Reverse Therapy as Knicker Reverse Therapy. The answer to all your problems!

Mis-seeing of the week: [livejournal.com profile] ghost_of_a_flea went into the bathroom last night, where there was a brown towel draped over a stool from when I'd attacked him with dead henna. I heard a yelp. For about a quarter of a second, it apparently looked like a severed head.

Bizarre phrase of the week: "Buggery, not cannibalism!" Uttered rather loudly at gone midnight.


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