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Wednesday, 2 September 2009 07:20 pm
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I've never got the hang of meditation before, I couldn't quiet my mind enough. How I think I might be cracking it )

Do any of you meditate? If so, what methods do you use? Am I the only one who likes to use colour in this way? It's one of the reasons why I love quilting, and I confess to occasionally staring at a beautiful, vivid batik and just drifting off for a minute or two.
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The good news: female/female couples given improved birth rights, and a happy response from a couple with two children.

The bad news: 100W incandescent bulbs banned starting from tomorrow. If you need 100W bulbs (I can't tolerate fluorescents due to a medical condition, as is true of many people), go and stockpile NOW.

The ponderings: since blue light stimulates serotonin and suppresses melatonin (i.e. makes us more alert), and orange light allows melatonin to be produced (i.e. makes us sleepy), then why do we persistently associate orange with energy and blue with relaxation?


Wednesday, 19 August 2009 12:54 pm
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I'm curious to know what people think about pink and its cultural associations with femininity and girliness. Apologies for the crappy options with regard to gender. I did consider cis-female, cis-male, transwoman, transman, brought up female but don't identify as one gender, ditto male, and other, though I worried that I'd still be getting it wrong, but I think the sample size is too small for that many options to be statistically worthwhile. So if you are trans, intersex, don't feel that you really have a gender, or anything else, I mean no disrespect towards your gender identity/situation and am still very much interested in your thoughts on this subject. Don't just fill out the poll, comment! I'm one of the people who has been thoroughly put off pink by a lifetime of being told what little girls should do and wear, not to mention my mother living in magenta when I was a kid (she's mellowed, now she goes for lavender), and am trying to teach myself to like it enough to work with some pink when quilting. This was the pinkest icon I could find.

ETA: I forgot to define "cisgendered". It's the opposite of transgendered, it means that there's a match between the gender you feel comfortable in and the gender you were assigned at birth.

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